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About Steve

Steve Shearer: Creator, Builder, Entrepreneur, and Research Analyst
is a retired
web developer

graphic designer

from Prescott Valley, AZ

Professional designer
In the fall of 2006, Steve enrolled in the Web Developer class at Bates Technical College, in Tacoma, WA. In January of 2007, Steve began his new career, and formed Web Design by Steve - His first client was Jennifer Coley, owner of Posh Home.

Prior to web design, Steve was a finish carpenter for 35 years. His last job was doing field repairs for Kitchens Southwest, a high-end cabinet reseller in Scottsdale, AZ.

  • Custom web and document images

  • Install themes, required plugins, customize site

  • Customized instructions specifically for your theme

  • These are mostly outsourced (except for SEO plugin config)