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WordPress is the #1 Content Management System (CMS) to Use for Your Website.

You can update content, add new stuff, install plugins (scripts) for hundreds of functions (like memberships, classifieds & ecommerce), and/or use the blogging system.

And I will teach you how to use it (paid versions).

For all WordPress websites, you need 3 basic components:

  • Domain hosting $15.00 per year (1 year free with hosting)
  • Website hosting $50.00 per year
  • A WordPress theme (like a template) $0 to $65.00


Get your WordPress website setup for free! Everybody likes FREE, but as you know, NOTHING is free except air!

The only catch is that you have to buy hosting with our recommended web hosting company, Zomex. By doing so, I get paid a small commission for the referral and you get a great web host with a fully functioning and optimized WordPress Website/Blog free of charge. Win-Win!

  • Zomex supplys domain hosting free for 12 months.
  • Zomex uses LiteSpeed servers & has great support.
  • Zomex has a free option to use HTTPS. The “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure”. Read more here.
  • I will install the latest version of WordPress.
  • I will install up to 4 plugins that we find most helpful.

web-design-prices $30 per hr

All above is included – plus a few hours of my time. You can choose between:

  • $10 per quarter hour or
  • $30.00 per hour or
  • $150 for 8 hours ($18.75/hr).

If you know what you want (don’t need too many changes) and have some WordPress experience, this could be your best deal. I will keep track of time spent and supply this. Be sure to consult with me for this option!

web-design-price $395

  • No time pressure!
  • Using my services, you get a 5+ page WordPress website with contact form & MORE.
  • I will teach you how to use WordPress.
  • Price does not include domain hosting, website hosting or your WordPress  theme.
  • For commercial scripts, such as ecommerce, membership sites, forums, or classifieds, there is additional time and charges.


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